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Welcome Soaring Stars Therapy and Learning Center, Inc.

Autism Program in Columbia, Maryland

As awareness on the plight of children with cognitive problems grows, the demand for helpful and affirmative therapy increases as well.

We are here to address that. As a provider of behavioral therapy in Columbia, Maryland, we dedicate ourselves to helping children with special needs to find development, acceptance, and integration into the community life. Through our board-certified services and qualified staff, your child will grow to their fullest.

Mission Statement

It is our advocacy to provide children with cognitive problems get the care and assistance they need to flourish and become full-fledged individuals. [ About Us » ]

Meet Our Founder & Executive Director

Learn about the person who leads us in our mission.

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Meet Our Staff

Learn more about our well-trained and qualified staff.

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Our Therapeutic Programs

Helping children with life-affirming rehabilitation services

Therapeutic Integration (TI) Services

These are both therapeutic and recreational services for children with ASD. These are conducted in a small group or one-on-one setting with the close supervision of a registered behavior technician (RBT) and a behavior therapist (BT). They ensure that the services are conducted in a safe environment, such as the local community or at our facility.Click Here

IISS (Intensive Individual Support Services)

Through our Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS) program, we provide one-on-one staffing interventions to individuals in their homes. In staying true to our person-centered philosophy, our clinical staff develops goal- and task-oriented treatment plans for each individual under this program.Click Here

Family Consulting (FC) Supports the Family and Caregiver

Our Family Consulting (FC) program offers a wide range of support for individuals with autism, their caregivers, and their families. We help them develop appropriate strategies for behavior management, self-expression, and communication. We also help them access community resources.Click Here

Respite Services

These services provide parents, caregivers, and guardians with the time they need to take a break and handle other affairs.Click Here